Tuesday, October 20



Sunday, September 6

Blogger sucks

I hate to blog this way..
I am switching to wordpress.


It is still not ready yet. I am still trying to get used to it!

Friday, September 4


I dun have the time to blog like now?!
Okay, but just a short one.

Im like so damn damn tired.
I still have to wash clothes for tmr.
Cuz I brought the clothes for EE camp alrd.

I meet new people, fun people in the camp.
Fun.. It suits me btr than being with those serious ones.

I still have a BA camp tmr.
I can bang the wall and die alrd.
Kill me pls.
No clothes, no energy.

Shall blog abt EE Nature camp when im back from BAmazing Race Camp..

I am dying soon. Gotta dry my clothes now!!


Sunday, August 30



Met zj and sy at orchard ion.
ARGH.. I supposed to like spend money for others, and not myself for the day!!!!!!!
I bought myself a hoodie.. those longer in length from uniqlo.

Bought chocs for Ms Mok and Liu yan laoshi..
Patchi has very pretty chocs!!! but, expensive!!!

Present for Anna. :D

Then met Audrey and her friend. Hmmm.
Walked around, with my painful feet.
Then settle awhile in taka Macdonalds.
We went to Cine arcade. Hahas. Can seriously relieve in arcade.
But compared to Audrey, I suck at it. >.<

Actually wanted to go Balcony!
ARGH, it's under renovation.
Okay, then we went Clarke Quay.
Settled in Crazy Elephant.
Had one round, and second round we settled along the river.
Bought Vodka from 7-11.
And had Macdonalds, (yes, again.... )

I cannot take Vodka.
I will start to be crazy after I take Vodka.
I suck lahhhh.....

Home... Thanks to Audrey and ZJ for sending me home.

Woke up like 3pm?
Do up the card for liu yan and her husband. :))))))))))
Went to her house, she damn busy..
Then met ZJ at bishan and went Anna's birthday party.

Then home lohs.

I LOST MY F* EZLINK CARD.. like AGAIN?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 26


Concert is finally over........
The worst is coming, it's only the beginning....
The weightage is 50%%%%%%!!!!
For all papers...... So if you fail it, seriously, REPEAT the MODULE!

I was so tired out by Sunday's performance.
It's finally over.
Hmmm, personally do not think is a good one.
Perhaps of the timing, poly students are all having exams.
The working ones are just busy...
A big thank you to those who came down to support me.
Uncle Seah, Roger and Shyn, my lovely classmates - JY, WQ, JC, ZS, TM.., his parents and my mum they all. Hmmmm....

I am glad that Roger originated from New Zealand would actually fancy chinese instrumental music. :))))))))))
He wanted to see the chinese cello/bass and some pop music. NYPCO is definitely the right choice for him I guess? He said the next CO concert that he is going to, I must sit beside him and explain the instruments to him.

I was so tired after the concert that I had dinner with Yingxiu and others. She is really really nice. :DDDDDDDDD Appreciated!

Don't ask me why, I don't even know what's the matter with me. I am thinking stuffs that I knew it's a MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.

I am thinking about how lousy my pipa skills are now, compared to the past few months which I actually prepared my piece to compete in Beijing. But, did not go successfully because of H1N1. Else I can meet Jap and Korean guys!!!! Wheeeesss....

I did not have the mood to study lohs. In fact I slept the whole day of monday which I supposed to study for my BLAW. And I did not. Burn midnight oil. Still don't know some of the stuffs.

Had pipa lesson. (I know I am crazy, arranging pipa lesson during exam week!!) Then had gym training. Went to the bank for awhile with them. Then home sweet home.

Baby came to look for me. We took a really really short nap. I packed up and went ZJ house to ton. Study for my BMGT. I did not really sleep the whole night. All I did was to put my head on the table for 25mins?! I cannot remember a single shit during exam. That seriously pissed me off. And DEMORALIZED!!!! Waaa lauuuu ehhhhh...
Later have to repeat this stupid module, I think can go and die liao lo...

Went home and sleep like straightaway!!!!!!!!! Woke up, going to have dinner and STUDY!!!! I want good food later. Audrey and ZJ is going to bring food to me in the night... YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! I do not think of dieting now... I just want to study and eat.

I pray to God, stop me from thinking all the nonsense, you want me to think then make the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE to happen. ARGGGHHHH!!!!! Screwwwed~!!